The growth of Jihua has gone through the road of joint venture startup, capital accumulation, expansion and expansion. The Group has formed a circular industrial chain economic pattern with prominent main business and dual main business development of medicine, striving for domestic leadership, creating an international first-class development strategy, building a large group with patented products, international market, and industrial modernization, and standing in the forefront of world economic competition.
In the past three decades, Kyrgyz Chinese have been unremittingly exploring the main chemical industry, building the industry's high-quality products with the concept of "product quality is related to the corporate image and human dignity", and fulfilling the promise of "adding color to the world and life".
The development of Jihua is inseparable from the care of leaders and the support of all sectors of society, from the industry colleagues and technical and trade partners who have been in the same boat for many years, and from every employee of Jihua who is "dedicated, dedicated and striving for the best". The future of Jihua needs the support and understanding of all shareholders!
"There will be times when the wind and the waves break, and the cloud sail will help the sea". Jihua people are moving forward with a grateful heart, carrying their dreams and missions, and we encourage you!

Shao Hui, Chairman of Zhejiang Jihua Group Co., Ltd