Titanium dioxide and a new product environmental protection is not just talk

Low emission and zero emission is the trend of the coating industry and will become a huge demand area. It is an issue of the times and a major opportunity for titanium dioxide products to better meet and serve water-based coating customers.

  According to relevant reports, the pollution generated by organic volatile substances (VOC) released during the production and use of traditional solvent-based coatings is now the main source of pollution in cities after automobiles. As one of the alternatives to traditional solvent-based paints, water-based paints can reduce the emission of VOC, reduce the generation of hazardous waste, and reduce workers' exposure to toxic releases. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the country will strengthen the control of the total amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC), and carry out synergistic emission reduction of nitrogen oxides and VOC. All companies in the seven key occupations such as cars, ships, containers, furniture, construction machinery, steel structures and coil production in the industrial painting category are required to implement VOC management. Environmentally friendly low VOC coatings will usher in a real "warm spring", and the water-based industrial coatings are expected to catch up with the architectural coatings and appear to go hand in hand.

  Led by China Industrial Environmental Protection Association, the Institute of Process Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pan Steel Research Institute and other units to build the "titanium industry crowdsourcing platform", "integration of resources, cooperation and innovation, focus on highlighting, promote upgrading" is the purpose of the crowdsourcing platform, for titanium The purpose of "integrating resources, cooperating and innovating, highlighting and promoting upgrading" is the purpose of the crowdsourcing platform, which is a crowdsourcing platform for titanium industry chain enterprise users to find partners and potential customers, and to meet the technical needs, financial needs, product upgrading and purchase and sale needs of users in the titanium industry chain.

  The "high-end green water-based coating rutile titanium dioxide" technology is promoted by the titanium industry crowdsourcing platform, which is to solve the industry product upgrade each take what they need, the platform professional services to achieve fair and just, fast and high quality so that the enterprise product upgrade without worries.