Qiantang District held a special symposium on "Research on Key Foreign Trade Enterprises" at Jihua Station

On December 5, 2023, Qiantang District took "Enterprise Foreign Trade" as the theme, with the purpose of serving enterprises well, enhancing enterprise confidence, and assisting enterprise development. The team was led by Li Jun, deputy director of the New District Management Committee and member of the party group of the district government. A group of seven people walked into Jihua and held a special symposium on "Research on Key Foreign Trade Enterprises" at Jihua Station. Group Chairman Shao Hui, President Wu Aijun, Jiangdong Company General Manager Zhang Yeqing, and Import and Export Company Deputy General Manager Li Yongying participated in the reception.

The research team first visited the company's technical center and other places to gain an in-depth understanding of the company's production conditions. Later, a discussion was held in the conference room to learn more about the company's market, foreign trade import and export, production and operation, and problems encountered by the company this year. Director Li further emphasized that in the process of exploring the international market, the functional role of the commercial department should be brought into play to help enterprises solve problems. At the same time, communication and coordination with commodity inspection and customs departments should be strengthened, and all efforts should be made to assist enterprises in providing import and export commodity inspection and customs clearance services for foreign trade commodities. work and strive to create an efficient, smooth, meticulous and thoughtful business environment.

The symposium ended successfully in a good atmosphere.