Binhai Coastal Industrial Park "Headquarters Tour of Investment Enterprises in Binhai" Jihua Station Special Symposium

On November 6, 2023, Binhai Coastal Industrial Park, with the theme of solidly carrying out the "100-day attack" activity to attract investment, do a good job in attracting investment and serving enterprises, enhance corporate confidence, and assist corporate development, Binhai Port Economic Zone Party Workers Kong Hui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Coastal Industrial Park Management Committee, and a group of five other people visited Jihua and held a special symposium on the Jihua Station "Tour of Headquarters of Investment Enterprises in Binhai". Group Chairman Shao Hui, President Wu Aijun, Vice President Zhou Huoliang, Director of the General Office Shen Dili, Deputy General Manager of Jiangsu Branch Zhou Haijun, and Deputy Chief Engineer Tu Guofeng attended the reception.

At the symposium, Director Kong further emphasized the need to deepen services for enterprises, think about problems, do things, and make decisions from the perspective of enterprises, increase efforts to solve practical problems of enterprises, solve the demands of entrepreneurs and business owners, and do a good job in delivering services. Policies, fast approval, and excellent services, we strive to create an efficient, smooth, meticulous and thoughtful business environment.

Chairman Shao Hui said that Jiangsu Jihua, as one of the key enterprises in the park, has achieved relatively brilliant results, which is inseparable from the support and help of government departments at all levels. Under the new economic situation, the group has actively adjusted its strategic layout to seek better development of Jiangsu Jihua in the park. It is hoped that the park can continue to provide support and help to the company.

The symposium ended successfully in a good atmosphere.