Hu Qian went to Jihua to carry out the activities of "big visits, big surveys, big services and big problem solving"

On the afternoon of August 17, Hu Qian, deputy director of the New District Management Committee and member of the Party Leadership Group of the District Government, led a delegation from the District Development and Reform Bureau, the District Economic and Information Science and Technology Bureau, and the Linjiang High-tech Park Management Office to Jihua to carry out a "big visit, big survey, big service" "Problem Solving" activities. The company's chairman Shao Hui, president Wu Aijun and heads of various subsidiaries received the reception.

At the symposium, Hu Qian listened carefully to Jihua's introduction and learned in detail about the company's production operations, technology research and development, and development planning. Emphasizing that we will continue to increase policy guidance, strengthen the role of policy incentives, optimize services to assist enterprises, continuously boost enterprise development confidence, enhance enterprise development confidence, and strive to make more contributions to the high-quality economic and social development of Qiantang, this symposium was a complete success .