"Jihua Cup" Go Invitational Tournament was a complete success

On November 11-12, the "Jihua Cup" Xinjie Street 2023 Xiaoshan District Go Association Xinjie Branch Go Invitational Tournament came to an end at the Golden Horse Hotel. Group President Wu Aijun and Director of the General Office Shen Dili attended the opening and closing ceremonies of the competition on behalf of the company. . This competition is title-sponsored by the group's labor union. It is the largest Go competition with the largest number of participants and the highest level held by Xinjie Street. It is also an important activity for the group to give back to the society.

This Go competition attracted many Go enthusiasts, and company employees also actively participated, with more than 60 participants. The competition is divided into four categories: open group, Jihua group, children's group and senior group.

During the game, the participating players "faced each other" on the chessboard and talked happily on the court. The competition has also received close attention from the industry, and chess players who have not participated are always following and participating in discussions on the progress of the competition through the Internet.

After two days and six rounds of competition, Wang Lin won the open category championship, Yin Jian won the Jihua category championship, Liu Yichen won the children's category championship, and Xiao Guoxiang won the veteran category championship.

The group's labor union has always been committed to improving employees' working standards, living standards, and health levels. This competition provided a platform for employees to compete in chess skills, enriched employees' spare time life, and strengthened the company's social responsibility and honor.