"Jihua Materials" was selected as a specialized, special and new "little giant" enterprise

        Recently, the list of the fourth batch of "small giant" enterprises was announced. Hangzhou Jihua Polymer Material Co., Ltd. and other 11 enterprises were selected, which marks the development of "Jihua Material" to a new level.

      Specialized new "small giant" enterprises are "small and strong" and "small and excellent" enterprises with strong scientific and technological innovation, high market share and excellent quality and efficiency, and the target of declaration is the provincial "Specialized new" small and medium-sized enterprises, or other high-quality enterprises that meet the criteria of "small giant" and belong to the core areas of industrial base and key links of the industrial chain.

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 This award is not only a full affirmation of Jihua Material's technical R&D strength and innovative technology application capability, but also a high recognition of Jihua Material's continuous R&D investment and continuous innovation.
        Ltd. has independently tackled key core technologies such as the synthesis of anti-polythermal silicone materials, solving the problem of foreigners such as Dow Corning to the domestic industry, and its 'durable non-stick ceramic coating for non-stick pans' is the first breakthrough in the industry, filling the gap in the ceramic coating industry. At present, Jihua Polymer has become the coating material supplier for the mainstream enterprises in the global cookware industry chain, such as SEB (domestic brand is Nepal, foreign brands are Tefal and T-fal) and AISD. In addition to tackling difficulties in material research and development, all products of Jihua Polymers have completely independent intellectual property rights. By the end of 2021, the enterprise has passed 40 provincial-level industrial new product appraisals and led or participated in drafting and formulating 6 national standards.
        Up to now, the market share of Jihua materials in the niche market is the frontier in China. In the past two years, the enterprise's revenue has increased by about 25% on average, and from January to August this year, it has achieved an output value of nearly 120 million yuan.

        At present, Jihua Materials has accumulated rich industry experience in the practice of large-scale implementation delivery. In the future, it will still firmly establish the road of innovation and development, continue to focus on serving the product upgrade of enterprises with cutting-edge new materials and technologies, take the real needs of users as the guide, accelerate the promotion of the transformation of new technology achievements, and empower the development of smart manufacturing.