The group company participated in the 21st International Dye Industry Expo

  The 21st International Exhibition on Dyestuff Industry, Organic Pigments and Textile Chemicals was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center from 9.7 to 9.9, with the main line of "Gathering strength to renew 'Hang' and empowering the industry".

     On the first day, Chen Zhihua, president of China Dyeing and Printing Industry Association, visited our company and learned more about our operation and the new products and technologies we brought. At the same time, Chen Zhihua advocated the whole industry to adjust the industrial structure, compete in an orderly manner and avoid malicious price pressures. At the same time, all enterprises should strengthen management, practice internal strength, strive to reduce material consumption, energy consumption, reduce "three wastes" emissions, improve product quality, develop special products, and reduce the harm caused by homogeneous competition.

      As one of the three major dyestuff production bases in China, the company has been adhering to the tenet of "dedication, devotion and first-class" for many years, always taking market demand and customer demands as the priority, insisting on quality to create value and providing customers with quality products and services; in recent years, under the development trend of green energy-saving and environmental protection, the company has been committed to upgrading product technology as the focus of product innovation. In recent years, under the development trend of green energy-saving and environmental protection industry, we are committed to upgrading the technology of our products as the focus of product innovation, and now we have obtained the patents of Blue Label Disperse Violet, Disperse Red, Active Black and other products respectively, which inject new vitality and open up new opportunities for the development of the enterprise.

      Due to the impact of the epidemic, many overseas customers were unable to come to Hangzhou for the exhibition. The company actively explores the new mode of organizing exhibitions by combining offline physical booths and online foreigner interaction, through real-time video linking overseas exhibitors in physical booths, breaking through the limitations of previous exhibitions, optimizing the negotiation experience of both supply and procurement, and continuously helping the dyeing and chemical industry to break the impact of the epidemic.