Resume of the Development of China's Chemical Industry in the Past Century

Modern Chemical Industry -- Starting from Difficulties

The pioneers of modern Chinese chemical industry, under the realistic condition of weak comprehensive national strength and low level of productivity of the whole society, with the ambition of saving the country by industry, tried every means to overcome all difficulties to develop the chemical industry, and finally made China have an acid and alkali industry in the 1920s and 1930s. Although there was a big gap between the level of chemical industry development in developed countries at that time, the national chemical industry had a hard start. In that special period, It has issued the "voice of China" in the world chemical industry and has become an important force on China's industrialization path.

After New China, "tenacity" grows in blockade

After the founding of New China, the state began to develop the chemical industry in a planned way. In the face of international blockade, it adhered to the principle of self-reliance and development, and promoted the start and development of organic and inorganic chemical industries. From the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China to the period before the reform and opening up, the chemical industry has experienced ups and downs with the development of the national economy, but the overall development momentum is upward. The development of the industry has basically met the requirements of the national economy, people's life and national defense construction. The chemical industry has made every effort to promote chemical fertilizer production increase and research and development of new chemical materials, demonstrating the "chemical power" in ensuring people's food and clothing and building national defense.

After the reform and opening up, it entered a stage of rapid development

From the reform and opening up to the end of the 13th Five Year Plan, China's chemical industry has entered a high-speed development stage from a small scale, short industrial chain, few product categories, single industrial structure, and lack of high-end products. After the reform and opening up, the vitality of enterprises with various ownership has burst out, the chemical industry has undergone tremendous changes, product categories have increased dramatically, and the industrial structure has been continuously optimized. Except for a few new chemical materials and high-end fine chemicals, most of the chemical industrial products can be produced independently. China has become a truly large chemical country in the world, and the development of many fields has ranked first in the world. The chemical industry has made great contributions to the development of the national economy.

Chemical industry plays an important role in the national economy

The chemical industry plays an important role in the national economy of various countries and is the basic industry and pillar industry of many countries. The development speed and scale of the chemical industry have a direct impact on various fields of the social economy.

Over the past hundred years since the founding of the Party, China's chemical industry has gone from zero to one, from one to many, from weak to strong. Over the past century, China has become a recognized chemical power, and the vast majority of chemical production capacity has been in the forefront of the world.

Chemical industry prospers and all industries prosper. The rapid development of China's chemical industry has laid a foundation for the development of various social and economic fields such as national clothing, food, housing and transportation. At present, China's chemical industry has reached the critical point where it can compete with Europe and the United States. In the next 10 years, a number of leading enterprises will catch up with and surpass overseas chemical giants, and China will also rise to become a world chemical power!