Jihua Group organized the "return visit" activity for retired veteran cadres

On the morning of November 9, Jihua Group organized some retired cadres of Hongshan Farm and the company to carry out the "return visit to Jihua" activity, so that the retired cadres can personally experience the new ideas, new ideas, new development and new changes of Jihua. Shao Hui, Chairman of the Group, Shao Bojin, Director, Wu Aijun, President and others attended the event.

Chairman Shao Hui, on behalf of the Group, extended a warm welcome to the retired veteran cadres. He said that the development achievements of the Group could not be separated from the care and support of veteran cadres. The Group will firmly grasp the historical opportunities, never forget the original intention, carry forward the past and open up the future, and continue to promote the high-quality development of the Group with more full enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

Retired cadres visited Jihua Group Technology Center and some workshops of Jiangdong Company successively, and were deeply impressed by Jihua's changes. Ding Yougen, as a veteran cadre representative, said in his speech that he would like to thank Jihua for its care. Although he left his job, he has always been concerned about Jihua. He always pays close attention to the development of Jihua, and will also make suggestions for the reform, development and stability of Jihua.

At the end of the activity, retired cadres said that Jihua's careful arrangement made everyone feel more caring and warm. In the future, we will continue to carry forward our fine tradition, actively contribute our waste heat, care about and support the work of Kyrgyz China as always, and wish Kyrgyz China a better future.