Jihua Group Holds the 2022 Annual Commendation Summary Conference

To summarize experience, commend excellence, and motivate all employees to continue to forge ahead in the new year. On February 6, 2023 (January 16), the "Jihua Group 2022 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference" was grandly held.




At the meeting, 8 advanced collectives including the direct sales team of the sales company, 84 comprehensive exemplary individual including Shen Jianfen, and 17 party activists, excellent Communist Youth League members, excellent women workers, excellent safety (environmental protection) workers, and excellent correspondents were awarded.

The leaders of the group's board of directors have received awards from 8 departments of the advanced collective

(From left) Refrigeration team of Workshop 605 of Jiangdong Subsidiary, feeding and packaging team of Workshop 501 of Polymer Company, loading team of Workshop 101 of Chuangli Subsidiary, direct sales team of Sales Company, Production Management Department of Kangbeide Company, Safety and Environmental Protection Department of Jiangsu Subsidiary, antivirus section of Workshop 609 of Jiangdong Subsidiary, synthesis and raw material analysis team of Workshop 606 of Jiangdong Subsidiary

Comprehensive exemplary individual representative receives the award

Party member activists, outstanding members of the Communist Youth League, outstanding women workers

Outstanding Safety (Environmental Protection) Worker and Outstanding Correspondent Representative Received Award

First, second, and third prizes for "6S" on-site management improvement

 First Prize 615 Workshop, Second Prize Active Workshop, Third Prize 607 Workshop

Group Vice President Zhou Huoliang chaired the meeting

Group Director Yang Quanming Announces the Commendation Document of "Jihua Dangzi [2023] No. 02"

Group President Wu Aijun's "2022 Work Report"


The report comprehensively summarizes and reviews the completion of the group's work goals for 2022, the production and operation performance of each subsidiary, and the operation and management work of each line and system of the group. In the past year, according to the work policy set by the group at the beginning of the year of "rectification and improvement, strengthening the foundation and strengthening the foundation, striving for governance, and stabilizing progress and improving quality", we have adhered to our main business, withstood challenges, ensured the stable operation of the economy of Jihua Company, and achieved relatively satisfactory work results.

The management team will continue to resolutely implement the strategic deployment of the board of directors, following the work philosophy of "expanding the main business to promote transformation, promoting reform to drive potential, improving efficiency and sharing, and grasping difficulties and keeping the bottom line". With efficiency as the goal, market orientation, and safety as the bottom line, we will accelerate the pace of transformation, focus on cost reduction, focus on on-site management, solve key links, and achieve clearer goals, clearer responsibilities, and stricter assessments, Adhere to the "ancestral" industry, bravely explore new industries, and strive to achieve a turning point in efficiency by 2023.

Chairman Shao Hui delivered an important speech at the meeting

2022 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Influenced by internal and external environmental factors, the company adheres to the work policy of "rectification and improvement, strengthening the foundation, striving for governance, and stabilizing progress and improving quality". Under the leadership of President Wu Aijun, the company has withstood the pressure and achieved satisfactory work results.

In 2023, the company will follow the action policy proposed by the board of directors of "expanding the main business to promote transformation, promoting reform to drive potential, improving benefits and sharing, and grasping difficulties and keeping the bottom line". While maintaining the main business, the company will achieve cost reduction and cost reduction, increase efforts to explore the small variety dye market, accelerate the transformation pace based on Jiangsu Jihua, Kangbeide, and polymer, and plan investment projects according to industrial development plans.

In the new year, based on the economic policy of 2022, the group will develop a strict assessment system, optimize the company's management system in all aspects, increase the implementation of assessment, clarify the assessment reward and punishment system, and play a central role in the company's improvement and reform.

In terms of management, establish and maintain a management team centered around President Wu Aijun, clarify the division of responsibilities for each position, increase the cultivation and evaluation of talents, enhance the healthy competition of positions, and increase the promotion of company culture to enhance the company's corporate image.

After 32 years of development, Jihua Group has successfully completed arduous entrepreneurship, built a mature and stable organizational structure, accumulated valuable experience that can withstand the test of time, built a well-known brand and quality system in the industry, accumulated a rich cultural heritage, and left behind a wealth of technology, assets, and funds. For these valuable spiritual and material wealth, The new board of directors and management team will fully inherit and promote. Today, Jihua cannot do without everyone's hard work and dedication.

The new management team solemnly promises to strictly implement the strategic decisions of the board of directors under the strong leadership of the chairman, work pragmatically, keep up with the times, be brave in innovation, and constantly move forward.