Emergency Management Department Fully Launches Expert Guidance Service for 2023 Chemical Park Safety Improvement

In order to strengthen the prevention and control of major safety risks of hazardous chemicals, promote the consolidation and deepening of safety rectification and improvement work in chemical parks in various regions, accelerate the centralized layout and cluster development of chemical parks, and reduce safety risk levels, in accordance with the key work arrangements for hazardous chemical safety supervision in 2023, the Emergency Management Department has recently launched expert guidance services for safety rectification and improvement in chemical parks.

This year, expert guidance services will continue to adhere to strict grading, equal emphasis on inspection and guidance, coordination between the upper and lower levels, and a point to area approach. We will closely focus on the main line of the "Ten Has and Two Prohibitions" work, strengthen precise assistance and guidance for key chemical industrial parks such as the concentration of chemical industry transfer projects and the announcement of new recognition. Through special training, on-site inspection, problem feedback, and rectification supervision, we will comprehensively verify the completion of the "One Park, One Policy", We will continue to promote the rectification and improvement of the "Ten Haves and Two Prohibitions" in the chemical industry park, accelerate the implementation of closed management and intelligent control platform construction, strengthen the ability training of professional supervisors, and drive the overall improvement of the Intrinsic safety level of the chemical industry park. At present, various expert guidance service working groups have been dispatched to Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Chongqing and other places to carry out work.

In 2022, the Emergency Management Department provided expert guidance services to 80 chemical parks in 15 provincial-level regions, promoting the further improvement of safety management and guarantee capabilities of chemical parks, and providing effective support for the stable safety production situation of hazardous chemicals nationwide.

Source: Emergency Management Department