Emergency Management Department Initiates Safety Expert Guidance Service for Nitrification Enterprises

On April 23, the Emergency Management Department reported that in order to effectively improve the quality of safety risk troubleshooting and remediation of nitrification enterprises, strengthen the ability of safety risk management and control, improve the level of Intrinsic safety, and effectively prevent major accidents of hazardous chemicals, the Emergency Management Department recently launched the guidance service of safety experts for nitrification enterprises.

Based on the summary of the first two rounds of expert guidance services, the Emergency Management Department has further revised and improved the guidelines for identifying safety risks and hidden dangers in nitrification enterprises in response to the hazardous characteristics and safety management characteristics of the nitrification process. It has put forward stricter requirements for the number of operators in high-risk areas, and the department has carried out enterprise self inspections and provincial-level inspections. This guidance service organized experts from relevant industry associations and key enterprises in terms of safety, process, equipment, electrical instruments, and other aspects, forming 6 expert groups to provide guidance services for self inspection and local verification of nitrification enterprises in relevant provinces, with a focus on inspecting newly built and non adopting tubular and microchannel reactor technology nitrification enterprises; At the same time, check the implementation of safety risk prevention and control measures such as reaction safety risk assessment and automatic control of nitrification enterprises against the newly revised safety risk troubleshooting guide for nitrification enterprises, focus on promoting enterprises to carry out the whole process automation transformation, promote the application of new processes and technologies, effectively improve the level of Intrinsic safety, and strongly support and promote the safe development and high-quality development of nitrification enterprises.

Expert guidance services will promptly hand over major safety hazards and prominent issues discovered to relevant provincial emergency management departments for listing and supervision. Enterprises that do not meet the conditions for safety production will be ordered to stop production and rectify in accordance with the law, effectively eliminate and withdraw a batch, rectify and standardize a batch, improve and upgrade a batch, and continuously improve the safety guarantee capacity of nitrification enterprises to ensure effectiveness. At present, the expert group has been dispatched to Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other places to provide on-site guidance services.

Source: China Chemical New Network