The Emergency Management Department launched the first special safety inspection and supervision of hazardous chemical major hazard source enterprises this year

Recently, the Emergency Management Department issued a notice to deploy and launch the first safety special inspection and supervision work for major hazardous chemical source enterprises in 2023.

This special inspection and supervision will be promoted through four levels: enterprise self inspection, municipal cross inspection, provincial random inspection, and ministerial supervision and verification, achieving full coverage of nearly 7000 major hazard source enterprises and more than 23000 major hazard sources nationwide, in-depth investigation and treatment of safety risks and hidden dangers, and resolute containment of major accidents.

The notice requires adhering to problem orientation, deeply learning from typical accident lessons, focusing on high-risk areas of accidents, integrating and promoting the operation of equipment with "diseases", safety risk investigation and control of hydrogen peroxide production enterprises, and safety risk prevention and control of liquefied hydrocarbon storage tank areas, and continuously strengthening special operations and maintenance safety control. Fully utilize the risk monitoring and warning system for hazardous chemical safety production and the digital system for dual prevention mechanisms to form a joint force for online and offline inspections.

The notice emphasizes the need to effectively improve the quality of risk and hidden danger investigation and rectification, and enhance the strong willingness and ability to discover and solve problems. Strict law enforcement inspections shall be carried out, and those who fail to self inspect as required, have prominent problems and hidden dangers, and do not meet safety production conditions shall be severely investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law; Strict punishment will be imposed in accordance with the law on illegal and irregular behaviors such as the ineffective performance of the responsible person for the safety guarantee of major hazard sources in the enterprise, and the inconsistency between the safety risk commitment announcement of the main responsible person and the facts.

It is reported that the Emergency Management Department will supervise and inspect the implementation of work, publicly expose typical problems and major hidden dangers, promote the implementation of various tasks in detail and achieve practical results, provide support for the stable improvement of the national hazardous chemical safety production situation, and create a safe and stable environment for economic development.

Source: China Chemical New Network