Li Yingwei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yumen Municipal Committee and Mayor of Yumen, and his party walked into Jihua

On May 15, 2023, a delegation led by Li Yingwei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yumen City Municipal Committee and Mayor of Yumen City, members of the environmental emergency expert group of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Wu Ting'an, Environmental Steward of the Chemical Industry Park of Yumen City, Secretary General of the Chemical Industry Association, Chen Yongqiang, Director of the Yumen City Investment Promotion Service Center, Pei Yongjiao, Deputy Director of the Government Office of Yumen City, visited Jihua Headquarters for investigation and exchange. Wu Aijun, President of Jihua, Shen Dili, Director of the Office Zhang Yeqing, General Manager of Jihua Jiangdong, gave a warm reception

Under the leadership of the President, Mayor Li Yingwei and his delegation first visited Jihua's production line and control room to learn about Jihua's production and operation situation.

Subsequently, both parties entered the conference room for further communication. Firstly, Jihua promotional videos were played to showcase the company's style to the mayor and his team, and President Wu Aijun introduced the basic situation of the group. Afterwards, Mayor Li Yingwei introduced the natural resources and regional advantages of Yumen, and the two sides had in-depth exchanges on the investment and development status of the chemical industry in Yumen. The symposium was a complete success.