National Development and Reform Commission: resolutely eliminate the use of energy conservation, "dual carbon" as a pretext for "switching off and limiting electricity"

Recently, the Environmental Protection and Resources Department of the National Development and Reform Commission held a symposium on energy-saving work in some provinces and cities to review the progress made in achieving the energy-saving goals of the 14th Five Year Plan, analyze the current situation, and study and deploy the next key work. The meeting proposed to resolutely eliminate the practice of "power rationing" under the pretext of energy conservation and "dual carbon".

The meeting emphasized the need to vigorously implement energy-saving, carbon reduction, and efficiency enhancement actions, and effectively carry out energy-saving work in the second half of the 14th Five Year Plan.

Firstly, we must closely monitor the energy-saving goals and tasks of the 14th Five Year Plan. Faced with the issue of insufficient progress in achieving energy-saving goals in some regions, we will conduct a mid-term evaluation of energy-saving work and take targeted measures to address the issue.

Secondly, we need to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction in key areas. We will carry out energy efficiency benchmarking to meet standards, tap into energy-saving potential, promote energy-saving and carbon reduction transformation in industries such as coal power, steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemical, chemical, and building materials, and implement equipment updates and upgrades. Implement energy-saving review measures, strictly control the energy efficiency of new projects, and resolutely curb the blind development of "two high and one low" projects.

Thirdly, we need to improve the level of energy conservation management. Strengthen the energy-saving management of key energy consuming units, implement energy-saving supervision and diagnosis, and conduct energy efficiency surveys of key enterprises and equipment. Organize major energy-saving and carbon reduction projects and increase support. Strengthen the updating, upgrading, and implementation of energy-saving standards, and accelerate the research and promotion of advanced technologies for energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Fourthly, we need to strengthen the guarantee of high-quality development and energy utilization. Implement the policy of excluding the consumption of raw materials and renewable energy from the total energy consumption and intensity control, with a focus on controlling fossil energy consumption. Coordinate regional energy supply and demand, and explore energy budget management. We will resolutely eliminate the practice of "switching off and limiting electricity" under the pretext of energy conservation and "dual carbon".

Author: Yu Hong Source: China Chemical Daily