Chairman Shao Hui provided on-site guidance for the emergency skills competition centered on "everyone mastering skills, everyone being able to handle emergencies"

On June 29th, Chairman Shao Hui personally guided the emergency skills competition centered on "everyone mastering skills, everyone being able to handle emergencies", accompanied by leaders from various departments and subsidiaries of the group.

In order to deeply implement the spirit of the "Implementation Plan for the 22nd National Safety Production Month Activity", and plan a series of activities with the focus on "everyone mastering skills and being able to respond to emergencies", and further enhance the safety awareness and ability to avoid danger and escape in the whole society, on June 29th, the Group's Safety and Environment Department was responsible for organizing an emergency response skills competition based on the emergency rescue team of the emergency rescue station established by the company.


Eleven representative teams participated in this martial arts competition, including Group Logistics, Chuangli Subsidiary, Polymer Company, and 8 workshops of Jiangdong Subsidiary (601 Workshop, Activity Workshop, 605 Workshop, 607 Workshop, 609 Workshop, MVR Workshop and Finished Product Warehouse (joint team), 610 Workshop, 615 Workshop). The martial arts competition is divided into three events: one person, two belts exercise, extinguishing oil fires with fire extinguishers, wearing air respirators, and wearing light protective clothing.

Despite the scorching sun, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the participating team members. By comparing speed, ability, and patience, 11 team members leapt and bounds on the field, showcasing the emergency rescue skills they have trained on weekdays, fully showcasing the company's emergency rescue team. After fierce competition, the 605 workshop team of Jiangdong subsidiary won the first place in the emergency skills competition group.


Group Chairman Shao Hui and Vice President Zhou Huoliang presented awards to the group

Engineering Director Chen Zhihui and Director of the Comprehensive Office Shen Dili present awards to individual winners

Chen Wenzhong, Safety and Environment Director, and Sun Yanfeng, Technical Director, presented awards to individual winners

Liu Haibing, General Manager of Polymer, and Lu Rongbao, Deputy Manager of Safety and Environment Department, presented awards to individual winners

Zhang Yeqing, General Manager of Jiangdong Company, and Pang Youyi, General Manager of Chuangli Company, presented awards to individual winners