Standardization System of Chemical Industry Park is Perfecting

The standardization and improvement of chemical parks cannot be separated from the technical support of the standard system. At present, 41 chemical park standards have been completed and are under research under the leadership of the Petrochemical Federation Park Committee, and a standardization work system has been initially established, led by the establishment of national standards and supported by the establishment of line standards and group standards. This is what the reporter learned from the 2023 China Chemical Industry Park Forum on October 25-27.

Li Shousheng, president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, pointed out that the increasing improvement of the standard system has provided strong technical support for the high-level construction of chemical parks, and has effectively promoted the standardized, safe and high-quality development of chemical parks. The Petrochemical Federation proposed in the "Chemical Park" 14th Five-Year "Development Guide and 2035 Medium and Long-term Development Outlook" that by 2025, the number of chemical park management and construction standards will reach 50.

It is understood that since 2015, the Petrochemical Federation has produced a number of national standards, industry standards and group standards with the efforts of various chemical parks, research institutions and other units. According to statistics, the Petrochemical Federation Park Committee took the lead in compiling and completing 4 national standards such as "Guidelines for the Development and Construction of Chemical Parks" and "Guidelines for the Construction of Smart Chemical Parks", 1 line standard of "Guidelines for the Evaluation of Green Chemical Parks" and 12 group standards such as "Standards for the Construction of Accident Emergency Facilities (Pools) in Chemical Parks;" Guidelines for the Construction of Pilot Base in Chemical Parks "," Guidelines for Safety Risk Assessment in Chemical Parks "," Specifications for the Construction of Parking Lots for Dangerous Goods Transportation Vehicles in Chemical Parks "and" Technical Requirements for Closed Management System in Chemical Parks "and other 4 national standards, 2 industry standards and 18 group standards are under research or are in the stage of being submitted for approval.

While the association organizes the formulation of standards, the state and local governments have also issued a number of urgently needed construction and acceptance specifications in the form of documents, guidelines, and construction guidelines. For example, the Emergency Management Department issued the "Guidelines for the Construction of Intelligent Management and Control Platforms for Safety Risks in Chemical Parks (Trial)" in 2021; Jiangsu Province also issued the "Guidelines for the Construction of Safety Skills Training Bases in Chemical Parks (Trial)" and "Provincial Safety Production" Provincial documents such as "Basic Conditions for the Construction of Emergency Rescue Bases" are used to guide the construction and upgrading of chemical parks.

Author: Ding Qingsong Source: Sinochem New Network